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Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins

Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins

Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins

Cashback in online casinos in Romania

Modern online casinos with bets in Romanian lei and best bitcoin gambling sites offer registered users an extensive incentive program for registration, deposits or frequent play. Rewards may include free spins, cash compensation, increased withdrawal limits and cashback. In our review you will learn what cashback is, how to get it and use it in Romanian online casinos.

What is casino cashback?

Online casino cashback is a return to the player of a certain percentage of the amount he used to bet in the lobby. Cashback has various forms and volumes depending on the internal rules of the online casino chosen by the user. We have collected the most common types of cashback for you. They can be combined with each other within one lobby:

  • cashback as a one-time bonus – the user can receive a refund for playing in a specific online slot or based on the results of participation in a tournament;
  • cashback in the loyalty program – players receive refunds on a regular basis; as they advance in the levels of the VIP program, the cashback percentage may increase or remain stable;
  • cashback for high rollers – a return from large bets of a set size or cashback for players who have accumulated a certain amount of deposits or bets made;
  • cashback for lost money – a refund is awarded only for the amount that the player lost, that is, only payment for spins that did not bring a win is taken into account;
  • cashback on all bets – all money spent on spins is taken into account, regardless of whether the spins were winning or losing;
  • monthly, weekly or daily cashback – the difference in the terms of accrual for the amount lost or spent, respectively, per month, per week or per day.

Some casinos also impose restrictions on cashback payouts depending on the entertainment the user chooses. For example, cashback only on slots without taking into account live bets or cashback on bets on specific slots. There may also be a live casino cashback, which takes into account only bets in live games.

If the important criterion for you is the return of lost money, choose an online casino that makes the best cashback offer for you. Consider:

  • what entertainment do you choose most often;
  • how much you bet in a given period of time;
  • how the size of your bets and the cashback limit are combined – even if the cashback is 10%, but has a limit of up to 1,000 RON, does it make sense to focus on it as a determining parameter in choosing a casino when you bet significantly larger amounts monthly;
  • is there a wagering for cashback and how profitable is it for your bankroll to make new bets in order to cash out the accrued cashback.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of cashback in Romanian online casinos. This way you can get an accurate idea of ​​how to use this bonus.

How to get and use cashback in Romanian casinos

Cashback in each Romanian online casino that offers this bonus has its own accrual and wagering rules. Here are a few basic parameters that need to be followed in order to get a refund of lost money:

  • cashback is received only by registered users who make deposits;
  • cashback is awarded on the amount that the player bets in online slots or live games – the more bets you place (spend money), the greater the percentage you can get back. In some lobbies, there is a lower limit for cashback accrual, that is, you can only claim a refund if you have lost a set amount;
  • the cashback may depend on the entertainment chosen – make sure you play slots that are included in the cashback program.

Some lobbies offer automatic cashback, but we recommend checking with the rules or the support team in advance whether the cashback needs to be activated mechanically or whether it will be credited automatically as lost bets accumulate.

When cashback is credited, it goes to the player’s bonus account. Depending on the player’s level in the VIP program or casino limits, cashback can range from 2 to 25%. Interest is most often calculated on the amount of lost bets within a specified period. So, if you lost 10,000 RON to the casino, then a 10% cashback is 1,000 RON. Romanian lobbies may set limits on the maximum cashback amount. If the actual percentage of the money lost is higher than this amount, you will only receive that portion that is included in the limits.

The cashback bonus can be withdrawn or used only after the wagering requirements have been met. Most often, to wager cashback in Romanian casinos, you need to bet an amount equal to the accrued bonus once in slots or live. That is, the cashback wager is x1. In some cases, the wager may be higher.

After wagering, cashback can be freely withdrawn or used to pay for spins in any online slots.

Casinos with the best cashback in Romania

Not all licensed Romanian online casinos return part of the lost money to their users.

Among the cashback lobbies, we can highlight Mr Bit casino – cashback is awarded as part of the VIP program and starts from level 5, when the player has scored 200 points. The cashback amount increases from 2% to 13% at level 25.

Cashback is also offered by SlotV Casino, Frank Casino and NetBet casino.

We hope that other online casinos will also join the program of returning part of the lost money to the player and will be able to compensate for the attention of users to their platform.


What is the maximum cashback I can get at a casino?

In 2023, the maximum cashback in Romanian casinos is 25%.

How to use cashback?

Wager the bonus and use it to pay for new spins or withdraw it to an external account.

Does casino cashback need to be wagered?

Most often, cashback must be wagered with the condition that its turnover amount is x1.