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Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins

Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins

Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins
Stars Casino: Get $100 bonus cash + 200 bonus spins

Bingo in Romanian online casinos

In 2023, Romanian gamblers will have the opportunity to have fun at online casinos and get big winnings at any time. Lobbies offer thousands of entertainment: various online slots, card games, instant games, lotteries and dice. Another great way to relax and win in online gambling real money  is bingo. This game appeared several centuries ago and still attracts a lot of attention today. Romanian casinos follow the interest of their users and publish various bingo options on their official websites and mobile versions.

Benefits of playing online bingo

Some gamblers are arrogant about bingo, considering this game too simple compared to other entertainment. Some people associate it with senior citizens’ clubs or small children placing cubes on marked cards. However, in reality, bingo can be the most exciting:

  • providers develop unique graphics and gameplay to make every game launch a pleasure;
  • the game has simple rules, but at the same time there are many combinations for winning;
  • slots are equipped with bonus games and free spins;
  • range of bets from minimal to large;
  • the user does not need to carry out complex calculations;
  • easy to play on PC or mobile gadgets.

Bingo operates on the principle of a lottery, that is, the numbers appear randomly, but the variety of bet types and a balanced approach to the bankroll will allow even inexperienced online casino players to win at bingo regularly.

Online bingo rules: what you need to win

Bingo is a game in which the user receives cards with numbers or symbols. During the game, the host or algorithm produces random numbers (or symbols) that match or do not match the cards given to the player. The gamer’s task is to collect the symbols or numbers required on the card before the round ends.

The card that a bingo player receives is random. The game mechanism issues it without taking into account the player’s previous bets or the size of the bets. Depending on the provider, the cards have from 90 to 99 numbers that can be filled in in a certain sequence:

  • line by line – completely fill the line from left to right, top to bottom or diagonally (there are other line options);
  • on two lines in different maps;
  • all 4 corners of the map;
  • completely filled numbers on the card – maximum win.

Thus, to win in bingo, the player needs to select the type of bet and keep track of the numbers that appear, filling in the field that he has chosen.

Remember, bingo is a game of chance. There are no repeating sequences or precise winning strategies. Play to have fun, control the amount of your bets and enjoy even small wins.

Romanian casinos with the best bingo offer

Despite the fact that online bingo is a simple game, more and more Romanian gamblers are interested in it. Providers and online casinos promise decent and fast payouts of winnings, and casino bonuses allow you to play and win bingo for free.

In 2023, the best online lobbies in Romania have placed bingo sections on their pages:

  • Vlad casino is an online casino aimed at Romanian players, offering 10 different types of bingo with a minimum bet of 0.2 RON. There are bingo slots with progressive jackpots that can reach 100,000+ RON;
  • Fortuna casino – publishes interesting slingo games – a mixture of classic slots and bingo, as well as a traditional version of the game;
  • Magnum casino – the lobby features 10 types of bingo in various settings, where you can instantly win large sums.

Look for a Romanian online casino with a license to guarantee legitimate payouts and quality service. Pay attention to the terms and conditions for using services and additional gaming offers – mobile application, welcome bonus, user support.

Types of bingo in online casinos

To give Romanian bingo players more opportunities to win and not get bored without variety, online casinos host different types of this game:

  • traditional bingo – the player receives classic cards with numbers, and the RNG gives out balls like in a lottery;
  • Slingo is an online slot in a specific setting, where certain symbols can appear instead of numbers, and is distinguished by the presence of built-in bonuses and free spins;
  • live bingo – bingo with a real dealer, where the presenter controls the progress of the games, announces the numbers that are drawn, and up to 15 casino users can take part in the game;
  • British and American bingo – they differ in the number of balls involved, 90 and 75, respectively;
  • speedy bingo – 3×3 cards and only 30 balls.

Players choose bingo slot machines depending on the provider, the number of winning combinations, and potential winnings.


Modern online bingo offers Romanian players ample opportunities for fun and winnings. Licensed casinos present more than 10 types of this game in different formats and allow you to play without restrictions.

Launch the bingo slot, choose which row on the received card you want to fill, place a bet and rely on luck.

Bingo’s lottery principle and simple rules combined with the jackpot make bingo an exciting game with great potential.


How to bet real money on online bingo?

Register at the casino and make a deposit of 20 RON. With minimum bets on bingo, such a deposit will allow you to make 10 spins. Select a suitable bingo slot and indicate which combination you are collecting. Start the game and win.

What is the minimum bet in bingo?

Minimum bingo bets vary from provider to provider – from 0.2 RON to 5-6 RON and higher.

How to win at online bingo?

Bingo is as close to a lottery as possible. The machine produces all numbers randomly and without established sequences. Winning in bingo depends on chance and does not depend on the strategies used. With them, you can only better control your bankroll and increase your winnings in case of successful symbols.